Buck-U Distillery 

White Rum,  Spiced Rum,  Barrel Aged Rum

750ml, 40 abv, 80 proof

Kansas Made Rum not by Pirates

We've created a RUM from white sugar cane .  Distilled in small batches and cut deep in the heads and long in the tales.  Creating the only traditional RUM in Kansas.

Our RUM is mashed, distilled then hand bottled at 40%ABV in our Distillery. 

Utilizing a unique small batch distillation method we’ve managed to bring you our love of hand crafted RUM.

This RUM is BOLD and is meant to hold up in a traditional fruit coctail.  Yet you will find it is smooth and can be drank straight, on the rocks or our favorite method is mixing with your favorite  Tropical drink.  Mojito, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Mai Tai.

Rum and Coke!

Gluten Free Non GMO

Please drink responsibly or as we say "Pace Yourself"